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Himmel und Erde, Tag und Nacht, Ebbe und Flut –
Hast du dir schon einmal bewusst gemacht, dass viele Dinge nicht ohne einander bestehen können?
Genau das besagt das Yin & Yang Prinzip.
Denn laut der chinesischen Philosophie gibt es immer zwei entgegengesetzte Kräfte, die miteinander im Einklang stehen.

Traditional Chinese Medicine - The Yin & amp; Yang of our body

Nature as a model

Countless things in our everyday life are determined by contradictions–
warm & amp; cold, good & amp; angry, loud & amp; quiet. The foundation of traditional Chinese herbalism is based on this. We have copied this principle from nature. In the foreground of our endeavors is always the claim to body & amp; Bringing spirit into harmony with nature. It is precisely out of this conviction that we would like to offer you natural products that are made on a purely plant basis.

Keeping the balance

Nature gives us raw materials that our body needs and, in contrast to this, through sustainable cultivation we give back what we have taken from nature, according to the Yin & amp; Yan principle: Take & amp; Give. We want to make our individual contribution to ensuring that both our nature and our health do not lose their balance..

Our team

We are a small, cross-generational family business and our greatest aim is to give everything for your well-being. We pursue this goal with unrestrained drive and determination. Our entrepreneurial work lives from the experience and qualifications that each individual brings in his or her own individual way.



The pragmatist

Customer care, sales, marketing

Entrepreneur with years of experience in the successful marketing of show jumping horses

Doris doesn't do things by halves and is contagious with her energy!

Hobbies: jumping horses, music




The founder

Owner, management, financing, purchasing, product development

Business economist with years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry; Focus on traditional Chinese medicine

Thomas prefers to tackle things now rather than right away!

Hobbies: nature lovers, horse riding, skiing, dancing




The language expert

Editing, marketing, social media, photography

Business administration student

Steffi gives our thoughts the right words!

Hobbies: traveling, dancing, horse riding, reading




The visionary

Management, marketing, homepage, sales

Industrial engineering student

With his creative streak, our technology expert always has the right answer on his lips!

Hobbies: music, traveling, horse riding